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Youth Development Program

The NYC’s organizational outcome and major final output works through its Youth Development Program, the components of which are directly related to the agency mission statement.


Policy and Program Development and Advocacy

This sub-program involves research, policy advisory formulation, national/regional/local consultations, policy dialogues, constituency-building, and policy monitoring.

Specific projects/activities include:

  • National and Regional Youth Advisory Council Meetings/Workshops, Policy Advocacy at RSDC/RDC

    - conduct of quarterly national and regional policy advisory mechanisms to support the formulation and advocacy of policy advisories; also entails influencing the Regional Social/Development Committees/Councils in adopting policy advisories, and youth-led advocacy through the National Youth Parliament delegates

  • National Youth Assessment Study (NYAS)

    -updating of the national youth situation through a nationwide survey that would provide valuable inputs in the formulation of the next national sectoral plan for the youth and to various proposed policy and program measures

  • Youth Development Index (YDI) Report

    -development of annual YDI Studies that present a measure of the level of youth development at the local levels; the information gathered shall guide and provide the stimulus for local government units to include youth development in their agenda

Partnership and Network Building

This sub-program involves secretariat support to various mechanisms, representation and participation to related inter-agency structures, and social marketing activities.

Specific projects/activities include:

  • Mainstreaming of the National Action Plan on Youth Employment and Migration (NAP-YEM)

    - steering the structure to ensure that programs and projects in the NAP-YEM are implemented leading to the decrease of youth unemployment and underemployment rates

  • Registration Component of the Abot-Alam Project for Out-of-School Youth (OSY)

    -maintenance of a database developed to facilitate the registration of out-of-school youth leading to their reintegration through existing programs of various concerned national government agencies

Fostering Youth Participation in Community Development and Good Governance

This sub-program demonstrates mandated and special mechanisms/projects that promote youth participation at the national, regional, and local levels.

Youth Organizations’ Registration Program

Pursuant to RA 8044, otherwise known as the “Youth in Nation-Building Act” the National Youth Commission shall register, help and facilitate the establishment of Youth Organizations and Youth Serving Organizations.

Through the nationwide registration of youth and youth serving organizations, the Commission links up with the youth and facilitates a more active participation in its programs.


YORP Registration Form

Steps in Registering for YORP

Also, the NYC encourages YORP-registered Youth Organizations to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Please download thier information materials below or visit their website at:

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Manual for the registration of Corporations and Partnerships

Basic SEC Registration Reguirements

The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP) is an annual cultural exchange program that started in 1974 as a joint statement between ASEAN member countries and Japan.  Participated by young people from these countries, the program’s objective is to promote friendship and mutual understanding among them and the local youth in their respective countries.

Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations

The Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) is an annual search and recognition program for outstanding contributions made by youth and youth serving organizations nationwide.  The awardees receive prizes that would enable them to sustain their current efforts or develop and implement new programs.

Government Internship Program

NYC serves as the secretariat of this program, which started off as a summer work program for students.

It is NYC’s contribution to the poverty alleviation program of the government. NYC arranges for other government agencies and private companies to hire out-of-school, unemployed youth as interns who receive a monthly stipend that is 75% of the minimum wage.

Download GIP Application Form

National Youth Parliament

The NYP is a 3-day convention of youth leaders every two years wherein policy recommendations are formulated to address youth issues, and serve as government’s guide in policy formulation and program development. Started in 1996, youth leaders gather every two years to share ideas and gain valuable insights and networks to aid them in their youth development efforts.

Local Youth Development Program

The program aims to strengthen NYC’s linkage with its clientele in the grassroots level by beefing up its current set up and by advocating for the establishment of Local Youth Development Councils.

Once established, the LYDCs shall be responsible for the formulation of policies and implementation of youth development programs in their localities in coordination with various government and non-governmental organizations.

Mindanao 2020

"Mindanao 2020" is the new banner Peace and Development Advocacy Program of of the National Youth Commission.  It is a comprehensive advocacy-training program on the culture of peace, human rights and the indigenous peoples.

It aims to advance the promotion of peace, racial and cultural tolerance, respect for the environment, rights of children, youth, women and the indigenous peoples.

NYC Volunteer Program

NYC maintains a pool of youth volunteers which are mobilized in support of NYC programs, projects and activities.  NYC Volunteers have been actively involved in the implementation of the Parliament of Youth Leaders (NYP), SSEAYP, the National Greening Program (NGP) among others.

Abot-Alam National Program for Out-of-School Youth

Abot-Alam is a nationwide program with the vision of helping our community-based youth through opportunities for education, possible career and employment.  It is a national strategy to organize efforts in integrating programs for our out-of-school youth (OSY).

National Action Plan for Youth Employment and Migration (NAP-YEM)

Aims is to reduce vulnerability of overseas/migrant workers by promoting local employment and entrepreneurship

Straw Desk (Students’ Rights and Welfare Desk)

On 26 September 2011, the National Youth Commission approved Resolution No. 127, Series of 2011, entitled A Resolution Supporting the Student Rights and Welfare Bill. The STRAW Desk is the program instituted by the Commission in support of said Resolution.

The STRAW Desk has the following objectives:

  • to aid in the policy formulation and development of the Students’ Rights and Welfare bills pending in Congress and other forms of policies relevant to students, especially those of relevant government agencies;
  • to promote and advocate STRAW among stakeholders, primarily the students, school administrators and teachers, and relevant government agencies; and
  • to pilot a mechanism for the processing of complaints pertaining to STRAW concerns and violations.

The heart of the STRAW Desk is its function to receive complaints on STRAW concerns and violations primarily through a STRAW website (and supplementary mechanisms), and for the NYC to act on these complaints within its mandate for the benefit of aggrieved students. The NYC endeavors to gather as much information as possible on a received complaint in this website

Visit the STRAW Desk website