Vision / Mission

NYC Mandate/Description

"The State recognizes the vital role of the youth in nation-building and shall promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social well-being. It shall inculcate in the youth patriotism and nationalism; and encourage their involvement in public and civic affairs."

- 1987 Philippine Constitution

Republic Act 8044 (Youth in Nation-Building Act)

The National Youth Commission was established by virtue of Republic Act 8044, or the Youth in Nation-Building Act, which was enacted in 1995. This law provided for the creation of a National Comprehensive and Coordinated Program on Youth Development.

The NYC operationalized this provision through the creation of a Medium-Term Youth Development Plan (MTYDP) 1999-2004, of which all youth programs and projects implemented by all government agencies are strategically evaluated and monitored for their specific role in involving and enabling the youth as able partners towards national development.

The Role of NYC Towards Nation-Building

The NYC provides the youth with opportunities to be an active partner in nation-building through youth programs and projects that will develop and harness their potentials and enable them to be of great service to their country and community.

The creation of new policies and advocacies for youth development also allows the NYC to push for reforms and the creation of new measures to implement better services for the youth and the communities.

NYC Vision

The National Youth Commission envisions itself to be the policy authority on youth participation and the prime mover in inclusive youth development.

TO ACHIEVE NYC'S VISION, The National Youth Commission shall...

  1. Continue being the lead agency in formulating policies, programs and measures (i.e. guidelines, standards and indicators) on youth participation in collaboration with other sectors and national government implementing agencies;
  2. Capacitate youth organizations to enable them to become self-reliant and to enlarge their choices, and providing them with equal opportunities, with technical assistance and support;
  3. Collaborate with local government units (LGUs) and the Sangguniang Kabataan National Federation (SKNF) to integrate youth perspectives in their policy agenda and plans;
  4. Build networks and strategic partnerships with civil society organizations for youth development;
  5. Advocate, mobilize and generate resources for youth development which include human, financial, and physical resources; and Monitor and evaluate the results of youth policies, programs and measures


The goals of the National Youth Commission are three-fold, these are...

  1. Legislative and policy agenda strengthens the authority of the National Youth Commission on youth participation policy and as a prime mover in inclusive youth development;
  2. Youth development agenda is mainstreamed in national and local priorities and plans; and
  3. The Commission and its Secretariat have the capacity, skills and expertise as duty-bearers on inclusive youth participation and development.

In the pursuance of the above goals, the NYC shall use the following key strategies:

  1. Formulation of inter-sector and rights-based strategies and rights-based standards for the youth;
  2. Capacity-building of youth organizations;
  3. Institutional development and strengthening of NYC as the lead agency on inclusive youth participation and development;
  4. Strengthening strategic alliances, advocating and building partnerships with various sectors;
  5. Mainstreaming of local youth plans (agenda and priorities) in local government comprehensive development plans through NYC’s local engagement strategies;
  6. Resource mobilization and generation# including monitoring of funds, efficient allocations, and creating results; and
  7. Results-oriented monitoring of: (a) the Medium Term Youth Development Plan (MTYDP), 2011-2016, with NYC as the lead agency, (b) programs and projects managed by NYC, and (c) the implementation of this Agency Plan with an annual report based on a results framework.

NYC Core Functions

  1. Research, policy formulation and advocacy
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of youth programs, projects and activities
  3. Resource mobilization, networking, and partnership-building
  4. Social Marketing, public and media relations
  5. Education, training / institution-building

NYC Core Values

  1. We primarily serve the youth, whose idealism is profound and strong; we build our nation with them. They deserve no less.
  2. We shall serve them with:
    1. INTEGRITY - We shall be honest in all our dealings and transactions, adhering to moral principles and character. We shall be ruled with righteousness at all times be it in our decisions or actions; demonstrating mutual respect and trust in others.
    2. RESPECT - We shall regard everyone, in our words and actions, with high esteem and courtesy, understanding where our rights end and someone else’s begin.
    3. EQUALITY - We shall not discriminate by word or conduct, anyone on account of personality, physical appearance, race, perceived economic status, gender, political and religious beliefs.
    4. DISCIPLINE - We shall act with strength of character and self-control in accordance with rules and norms.
    5. EXCELLENCE - We shall constantly undertake our tasks with highest standards not settling for anything less.
    6. TEAMWORK - We shall remain united, loyal and committed; acting together with dynamism working toward a shared responsibility in the interest of the common good.
    7. GOD-CENTEREDNESS - We shall glorify and revere the ALMIGHTY GOD. We offer to HIM all that we are and all that we do; and submit ourselves to HIS will.